Getting the American Airlines and US Airways Credit Cards

American Airlines AAdvantage (AA) and US Airways Dividend Miles are preparing to merge. This means that you can apply for both of their credit cards now and end up with a lot of miles on one airline when they merge! With these two cards you will get 85,000 total miles, which is enough for a round-trip ticket to Australia, 2 round-trip flights to Europe (from 10/15-5/15) or 3 to 4 domestic round-trip flights!

The AA credit card is issued by Citi while the US Airways card is issued by Barclays. I recently applied for the following cards and got them both:

  • Citi AAdvantage Visa or American Express: Sign-up bonus = 50,000 miles, 2 AA lounge passes, and a $150 statement credit. Minimum spend to get bonus is $3,000 within 4 months. Annual fee of $85 waived for first year. Direct application link available here.
  • Barclays US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard: Sign-up bonus = 35,000 miles, 2 US Airways lounge passes, and 5,000 mile discount on all US Airways award flight redemptions. Minimum spend = $1.00 Annual fee of $89 waived for first year. Direct application link here.

Good luck!! These cards, along with the Southwest cards I told you about last week, are a great way to get your frequent flyer career off the ground really quickly!

As always, do not apply for any credit cards until you’ve done your research on your credit score/report. Make sure you read through the Credit Cards page and the links therein.

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